Booking Form

We hope you like what you see and will want to go ahead and book an event or two with us!!
Field Dog Fairs Ltd have not increased any prices for three years.
Due to yearly increases in suppliers costs, we have taken the decision to add a small increase to our two and three day events, which we are sure you will agree still offer excellent value.
To do so, please print off the attached booking form
Complete the fairs you wish to stand at (dates and stall sizes)
(Please also print, sign and return with your Booking Form along with a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions)  Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions, then complete the section at the bottom with your contact details.
Don’t forget to sign before popping in the post to us OR if you wish to call us on 07772 349431, we will be happy to complete your booking form over the telephone with you.